About Us

PocketLinux is a complete operating system solution targeted at small, Internet-enabled devices.

The PocketLinux “application framework” gives developers options on how they deliver content and application services to their target consumer market. It makes it possible to develop applications using the best tool for the job.

Developers can use XML to easily develop applications that integrate cleanly and completely into the PocketLinux environment.

For more advanced needs, the full power of the Kaffe Java Virtual Machine is available and exposed, making available all the modularity, portability and elegance that is the hallmark of Java.

Performance critical code and bindings to hardware interfaces can be implemented natively (eg. using C, C++ and assembly). Preexisting non-Java code can be ported to use the same graphics and input libraries as the rest of the framework to ease integration. Libraries to support multimedia types such as MP3 music files, MPEG movies, and flash animations are implemented this way.

The Linux kernel neatly encapsulates the target platform hardware and provides access to it using the classic, and highly portable, Unix programming interface. Linux itself has the advantages of having extremely wide architecture and device support, a vibrant developer community, and the ability to view and modify the source code — without the need to pay license fees or to enter into cumbersome licensing arrangements. Linux is fast becoming one of the premier embedded system operating systems.

The PocketLinux user experience is designed from the ground up to be personal. It has full support for “theming”. The entire user interface is customizable using simple XML without the need for programming. It is designed to run on small devices such as PDAs, cell phones, pagers, etc. while retaining the ability to be useful for other classes of devices.

PocketLinux is distributed as Open Source under the GNU General Public License.