Linux is exactly what the users want to have from the large area of open and free source software. At the time of doing a comparison of desktop environments, the same thing applies as they consist of different applications along with a GUI which helps the users at the time of the interaction with the variety of Operating Systems. In this stage, the only question which arises in the mind of the users is that which are the Best Linux Desktop Environments? And here, in this article, I am going to talk about the 6 Best Linux Desktop Environments and their comparison in a descriptive manner. Let’s check which one you would like most among them.

The Linux: In Brief

There is a lot of open source software in the Linux world. You can choose as per your need and requirements from the hundreds of distributions that are available there. And you can also customize them as per your will, whenever you want. Even if you want to fork your Linux distro, change the source code of the distro and release it with a new name and no one slaps you with copyright. But you have to give the creators proper credits as they have invested their valuable time and effort in it. But, it is not our present concern.

Our main concern is the best Linux desktop environment. A Linux desktop environment i.e., the graphical desktop is the set of those essential utilities and tools that run on the top of the Operating System of your computer device. And one can access them only with the help of a standard GUI.

When you choose the best graphical user interface i.e., the GUI you can make sure a smooth and hassle-free performance of your device. Now, let’s go towards the comparison of those best Linux desktop environments.

6 Best Linux Desktop Environments that you Should Try this Year

Let’s go through the following part of the article and discuss the 6 best Linux Desktop environment in the long run.

1. KDE Plasma

KDE Plasma is one of the best desktop environment that comes from the KDE software community. And the community is quite well-known in the world of Desktop environment. And this one is customizable graphical desktop environments that work well. KDE Applications is the collective name of the shipped tools and utilities of KDE Plasma.

You will get a good collection of some of the basic applications that make it compatible with your device. It can match even with some of the applications that are not built using the KDE Development Platform. It possesses various essential features, even the ones which the competitors lack. You can blindly trust and choose KDE Plasma from a lot of alternatives as it can work just out of the box for you.

Good Staff:

    • Most advanced, powerful, and feature-rich
    • Highly customizable and flexible experience
    • The modern and polished user interface
  • A wide range of software compatibility

Bad Staff:

  • Slightly resource heavy

However, you can easily go for KDE Plasma. But before that, check the others out once.


The base of the MATE Desktop Environment is the codebase of currently unmaintained GNOME2. Initially, MATE was developed by the creators especially for those users who were getting disappointed with the latest iteration of GNOME shell – GNOME 3. MATE has improved itself with new modern and advanced technologies. It is not stuck to the old age technologies still now.

With a hint of modernism, you will get a traditional desktop experience from the MATE Desktop Environment. And there is no need to say that it works flawlessly as the base of it is tweaked along with tested for several years.

Most of the basic applications of MATE are the forks of GNOME 2 applications. It consumes only a very small amount of memory for itself. Because of this, it is able to work properly even on older and less powerful hardware. And this particular thing makes the application amazing.

Good Staff:

    • Intuitive and robust experience
    • Simple and lightweight
  • Highly customizable

Bad Staff:

  • The interface might seem old (because it’s intended to be)

This is really one of the reliable and trustworthy desktop application that will win your heart for sure.


In the world of Linux distros, GNOME is one of the most used desktop environment that is so much popular among the users. GNOME is used as the default desktop environment for many of the popular Linux distros. There are lots of popular forks under GNOME like Unity, Cinnamon etc. It is customizable and anyone can use it with ease. And you can find the modern and attractive user interface in the latest iteration GNOME 3.

You will get all those features in it that one modern desktop environment should have.

Good Staff:

    • Can extend functionalities through Shell Extensions
    • Modern and touch-friendly UI
  • Customizable

Bad Staff:

  • Extension management is not satisfactory

According to our expert team, if you go for this one it won’t let you down in any way.

4. Cinnamon

Generally, Cinnamon is the default desktop environment for Linux Mint. At the same time, it is a fork of GNOME 3. The new users of Linux don’t feel uncomfortable with unfamiliar user interfaces as it has many similarities with the Windows user interface.

Good Staff:

    • Familiar interface
    • The sleek and polished look
  • Pretty customizable

Bad Staff:

  • Occasionally buggy

On the basis of the performance and the various customizable components like the themes, panel, extensions, and applets it is reliable and trustworthy.

5. Budgie

Budgie is one of the newest creation in the world of desktop environments. It has come to the industry as the flagship desktop of Solus Linux. Till now, the Solus team develops it, but still, because of its elegant and intuitive interface, it has become popular among the other distribution users as well.

Good Staff:

  • Modern UI, elegant looks
  • Solid and intuitive
  • Seamless desktop experience

Bad Staff:

  • Not suitable for a low-end system

As Budgie is based on GNOME, some of the settings are configured by the regular GNOME settings while you can manage the looks and the other Budgie specific changes with the help of the Budgie Settings. When it comes to the system resources, though this desktop environment is not that kind of resource-hungry, it is not lightweight either.


When it comes to an energy saving and extremely fast desktop environment, the name that comes to the mind very first is LXDE. It keeps the resource usage low and at the same time, it is user-friendly and lightweight. The components of LXDE can be used independently because of the modular approach of this desktop environment. As a default desktop environment, it is used by LUbuntu.

Good Staff:

    • Supports almost every Linux distros
  • Extremely fast performing and lightweight

Bad Staff:

  • The user interface might seem unappealing

If you want to get a blazing-fast, lightweight, a modular, and user-friendly desktop environment for you, then you can go for LXDE without any hesitation.


As per the purpose and nature, all the desktop environments are different. Among the above six amazing desktop environment, it is really tough to say what is the best one. Only you can say what is best for you as per the need and requirements of your PC.

You have lots of choices in the Linux world to choose from and there is no definite answer to the question what is the best from those. Hope the article will help you to choose the best for you. You can comment us on this article and share your view with us.

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