The T2 Chip Preventing Linux To Boot On Mac| Technical Hacks To Resolve OS Booting Error On Apple

As reported by a majority of Apple users, they can’t access or install their Linux profile on Mac due to the presence of the T2 chip. Apple has launched this new chip T2 ‘secure enclave’ and included it in its latest series including MacBook Air and Mac Mini systems.  

Know The Full-proof Methods To Install Linux Application On Chrome OS [2019]

Linux is one of the most widely used core Operating Systems that acts as the layer between the software you interact and the hardware. The greatest benefit of using this software is users can get it for free as well. It is the most preferable choice for the users as

6 Best Linux Desktop Environments And Their Comparison In Minute Details

Linux is exactly what the users want to have from the large area of open and free source software. At the time of doing a comparison of desktop environments, the same thing applies as they consist of different applications along with a GUI which helps the users at the time

Know All About The Best Linux Apps For Your Chromebook [2019]

Chrome OS is based on the Linux kernel and if you have the latest version of Chrome OS and the new Chromebook, you can now install some of the best applications that Linux offers. Google allows the support for Linux applications on Chrome OS. Although this feature is especially for

Chrome OS Updates To Provide Linux App Support On Chromebooks That Are Using MediaTek Processors

The developers of the Google Chrome OS strives to maintain that competitive edge over other operating systems by launching powerful processors in the market periodically. As per recent reports, they are now developing Chrome OS updates that can support Linux applications easily. It is true, not all models under Chromebooks