The developers of the Google Chrome OS strives to maintain that competitive edge over other operating systems by launching powerful processors in the market periodically. As per recent reports, they are now developing Chrome OS updates that can support Linux applications easily. It is true, not all models under Chromebooks are compatible to work with the Linux apps.  The ARM processor is an essential component for the MediaTek Chromebooks. But, it is still very much incompatible to run Linux applications due to technical lackings.


However, there are some Chrome developers who are suggesting some latest techniques to work along with Linux apps. So, those users who are using Chromebook R13, will be able to include Linux application support in their systems. To know more about the beneficial features of adding Linux apps support in Chrome OS, keep reading this article.


Some Information on Google Chrome OS and MediaTek Chipsets

Chromebooks that are using R13 processor in its hardware are clearly based on MediaTek technology. Currently, you will find four main models for MediaTek Chromebooks that offers support for Linux applications. This includes names like Poin2 Chromebook 14, Lenovo Chromebook 300e, Lenovo Chromebook Flex 11/N23 Yoga, and  Poin2 Chromebook 11c. However, as per Google reports, there are many other Chromebooks models that can be optimized for working with MediaTek.


Basically, Google is trying to improve Chrome OS’s market position by developing a large-scale app store. The applications will be mainly based on PWA web applications,  Linux applications, Android and many other apps.


The developers are building Chrome OS devices using MediaTek processors for many beneficial reasons. If they succeed in their attempts, the devices will be enabled for receiving support for Linux apps and Crostini Project.

How Adding Linux Applications Can be Beneficial for Chromebooks Users?

In terms of importance, Linux applications can add more value to the devices that are using Chrome OS. It will enable the customers to make use of most of the Linux programs to run on their Chromebooks. Earlier, this space was taken by Android applications, which used to develop apps for every type of operating system. Hence, Chrome developers are also considering the latest technologies to offer support for Linux applications. This will allow Chromebooks users to utilize a wide range of mobile apps that can work with MediaTek processors.


The Chromebooks that are manufactured using MediaTek chipset can be easily optimized for handling touch inputs. Also, the security features of Linux platform will ensure that the Chrome OS-based systems remain safe in the long run.


Those users who have so far experienced the beneficial features of ARM processors, will find it easier to work on Chromebooks built for Linux apps.


One of the main objectives behind including Linux apps support in Chromebooks is to appeal the average consumers. So, the focus of this collaboration is only on the functionality of these apps on Chrome OS. Also, they are eyeing non-tech savvy users, who will be able to install the Linux programs quite conveniently on Chromebooks.



Why the Chrome OS Updates Matter for Mediatek Chromebooks?

When Google launched Chrome OS for the first time, users came to know about it as an operating system and not a web browser. However, after adding up Linux apps and Android apps support, Google has emerged as a full-fledged versatile OS. Basically, there are two major updates from Chrome that are essential for the proper functioning of Linux devices. So, as per Chrome’s internal reports, Chromebooks will provide Linux app support for systems based on MediaTek processors.


In case, Chromebooks don’t receive the necessary support and updates for Linux applications, other leading brands can overshadow Chrome OS. Due to powerful processors, customers prefer brands like ASUS and Samsung for utilizing versatile apps. Hence, this is one of the major reasons why Linux apps support can offer the necessary recognition to Chrome OS devices.


So, in this article, you came across a few important discussions regarding the Linux apps support for MediaTek based Chromebooks. The Chromebook users are already happy with the existing model due to its excellent features and processors. However, if it comes along with the support for Linux applications, Chrome can become one of the most recommended operating systems in the market. It will also allow the customers to run various games, programs and media files, which can’t be accessed on the older version of Chromebooks.

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