Install Linux Bash Shell on Windows 10- Step by Step guide.

Linux and Windows both are two of the best-operating systems available for computer systems. Both have an equal fanbase but in two completely different fields. As Linux became more popular among the community of coders and software developers, Windows got it huge fame among the daily personal computers. 

Both the operating systems have equal capabilities and can be used for different usage for different computer purposes. But today in this topic we will discuss something new and different. 

As per the topic, the name suggests we are going to discuss the bash shell that allows you to tun the Linux operating system on a Windows OS platform. 

Sounds Great right?

Obviously it does. Let me give you another good news that is now you can run Linux on the Windows platform without using any emulator or virtual machine or anything. 

But before diving directly into the topic let me give you some initial important information about windows 10 bash. For that, you need you to need to understand the concept of the Windows subsystem for Linux. 

So let us start with it.

What is Windows Subsystem for Linux?

With the new anniversary update, Windows 10 rolled out an update called Fall Creators Update. This update includes the concept of the Windows subsystem. 

Basically, a Windows subsystem allows you to run a Linux operating system on its platform without using any kind of emulator or virtual machine. This feature comes as a default built-in into Windows now. 

With the help of this feature, you can directly call Linux to form the Start Menu. Once you install the Windows subsystem you can run Linux in command line mode. And this gives you access to the bash shell on Windows 10. 

Bash on Windows 10

Bash shell on Windows came with the new anniversary update of Windows 10. Basically a bash shell windows 10 allows you yo run the same Bash Shell Linux on Windows operating system. 

Bash Shell, allows you to run Linux commands inside windows without installing an external virtual machine or emulator. Even if you do not have dual boot your operating system. You only have to install Linux on Windows just like an application.

Install Linux Bash Shell on Windows 10- The procedure

Now comes the real question that we are going to discuss in this topic. Installing Linux Bash on Windows 10 is pretty simple and easy. But before you get started with the installation procedure you have to make sure that you are using a 64-bit architecture system. 

Installing Linux Bash on Windows 10 can be done in two ways, one for the newer version of the windows 10 and another for the older version of windows 10.  And we are going to discuss both the procedures. 

Method1: Install Linux Bash Shell for Windows 10 (new versions)

For the newer versions of windows 10 the good news is that with the new update Windows has introduced a new feature called Fall Creators Update. You can get this feature directly from the Windows store. 

Once you have downloaded the Fall Creators Update follow the bellow steps to install the Linux Bash Shell. 

Step 1: Enable the “Windows subsystem for Linux”

This is the first step of the installation procedure that is to enable the Windows subsystem for the Linux feature from PowerShell. 

Go to the Start Menu 

Search for PowerShell in the search bar.

Run it as an administrator.

While running the Powershell in the background use the below command to enable the Windows 10 bash

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux

You will be given a choice. 

Type Y and press the enter button   

Reboot your system (even if not asked)

Step 2:Download Linux system from the Windows store

Once you are done with Step 1 and rebooted your system go to the Windows Store and search for Linux in the store. There in the store, you will see an option to install ubuntu or SUSE. 

Install Ubuntu for Bash on Windows. Install the Ubuntu and you will see that windows are downloading a file of 1GB size. For this process to happen you have to be patient enough and it is recommended to have a good internet connection. 

Step 3: Run bash on Ubuntu on Windows

You can say this is the last step of the installation procedure and you are almost done. Once you have installed Ubuntu from the Windows store now is the time to see how to get access to the windows 10 bash. 

Set up a username and password for the Ubuntu you have just installed. Then you can directly see Bash Shell available for use on your Windows operating system. 

During this whole installation procedure, you might face some problems and errors. Well, don’t worry about those as you can find a solution for each and every errors on the internet and you will be good to go with your installation procedure. 

Methode 2: Install Linux Bash Shell on Windows 10 (older versions)

This method is for those users who did not get the Fall Creators Update on their Windows 10 operating system. And that may happen due to various reasons.

Well, there is nothing to worry about as you can still install a Linux bash shell on your older version of Windows 10. But here the thing is, to follow the procedure you have to switch to the developer mode of your windows operating system. 

Though it is still recommended that you should upgrade your operating system as per to get the Fall Creators Update. 

So let’s see the steps of how to install Linux Bash Shell on older versions of Windows 10. 

Step 1:

Together press the Windows key and “I” button and that will direct you to the settings section. In the settings go to the “Update and Security” section. 

Step 2:

In the left panel of the “Update and Security” section you will find an option saying “for developers”. From there enable the developer mode.

Step 3:

Now select the control panel form the Windows tab and in Control Panel select the “Programs” option. 

Step 4:

In the control panel, you will find an option saying Programs and Features. Click on that option. 

Step 5:

After clicking the programs and features option you will be directed to the window. In that Window search for Windows Subsystem for Linux option among a list of options.

Enable it. 

Step 6:

After completion of the previous step, reboot your system. 

Step 7:

Once your reboot is done and you are back again in your desktop, click on the start button and in the search bar search for “bash”.

Step 8:

When you run Bash for the first time the computer will ask you to download and install ubuntu. And you will also be asked to create a username and password. 

This process will automatically download and install the entire Linux in your Windows operating system. Therefore this step might take some time to happen, so be patient enough.

Step 9:

Now in the start menu search for Ubuntu bash or Bash. 

Step 10:

After the Unbuntu is being installed into your Windows operating system, you will get a command-line version of Ubuntu Linux. 

Final Thoughts

I really hope that this blog will help those readers who are willing to use Linux Bash on Windows 10. I think many people still don’t know about this concept. 

In the above blog, I have explained in detail that how you can easily and smoothly install Linux Bash on Windows 10 and can operate both Linux and Windows operating systems on a single platform.