LINDON, Utah, Dec. 6 /PRNewswire/ — Lineo, Inc., a leading innovator in embedded Linux systems, real-time and high availability solutions, today with Transvirtual Technologies, Inc. announced a global distribution agreement establishing Lineo as a preferred embedded Linux vendor and distribution source of Transvirtual’s Java(TM) and XML embedded Linux platform, PocketLinux(R).

“This agreement is designed to provide Lineo and Transvirtual customers with streamlined and convenient access to the combined benefits of the Embedix operating system and PocketLinux; this combined offering will be one of the most innovative embedded Linux products on the market today,” said Kim Clark, Lineo senior vice president and general manager of the Embedix Product Group. “PocketLinux has already proven its flexibility as an Internet-connected PDA platform by running VTech’s Helio and Compaq’s iPAQ.”

As a leading embedded Linux provider, Lineo will facilitate established product channeling and provide a driven sales and support team for the innovative Transvirtual platform. Lineo expects to begin distribution of PocketLinux early in 2001.

PocketLinux recently won the joint Linux Journal / COMDEX Best New Product award. PocketLinux for Lineo Embedix will provide a complete embedded Linux platform by combining the flexibility and interoperability of the Java and XML communication languages with the Embedix solution. This product solution will more effectively run a spectrum of devices, including PDAs, cell phones and television set-top boxes.

“We expect the PocketLinux platform combined with Lineo’s Embedix operating system to drive the consumer device market for Internet connected, handheld devices,” said Daniel Lewin, Transvirtual vice president of strategic business development. “Lineo’s established embedded Linux sales and support channels will help expedite the process of providing OEMs with a complete offering for the consumer device market.”

The Lineo Embedix embedded Linux software solution adds the power and connectivity of Linux to customized embedded devices. The Embedix solution is engineered specifically for the unique speed, memory and storage requirements of embedded devices. The Embedix product family line of software solutions is based on a popular desktop Linux distribution and is currently available for Motorola PowerPC, x86, MIPS, SuperH, ARM and StrongArm. The Embedix solution provides the power of Linux, flexibility for feature selection and hardware support enabling device manufacturers to create a customized kernel for multiple solutions.

About Transvirtual Technologies Inc., the developers of PocketLinux PocketLinux is a complete platform that provides an end-to-end solution for building unified, standardized and open information communications infrastructure across the entire spectrum of computer systems. PocketLinux is the first open source framework to leverage a common software architecture to deliver consistent services to all users. PocketLinux is unique in its ability to provide all these elements.

Transvirtual develops its products and solutions around widely accepted industry standards. In some instances, technologies developed by Transvirtual have become industry standards themselves.

Every day, Transvirtual and its partners are proving that the PocketLinux framework can fundamentally and profitably change the way companies do business.