Here Is The Linux Desktop That Is More Beautiful Than Windows 10 And MacOS

The 21st century is the world of computers. Most of the instruments are run by computerization. Computers are way more advanced than we could ever think it would be.

It is no more a set of different parts that just functions on our instructions. It has become an entirely different entity. Operating systems have developed with time and the change is unmatching.

Windows 10 – a Background Check

Windows 10 has set the market on fire after its launch. Most of the laptops use this operating system as it comes up with better and more innovative features. These are the features with which Windows 10 could make a bigger place in human hearts.

  1. A brand new start menu that gives you two separate panels side by side. The left panel contains the applications that you use very often and the right panel keeps the other applications and also shortcuts to various popular websites like Netflix, Amazon and so on.
  2. Windows 10 is the first operating system to bring Microsoft’s voice-controlled digital assistant Cortana to the desktop computers. It has made navigation much easier without even moving a finger.
  3. Windows 10 has a multi-monitor system which is very helpful when you run short of the desktop screen space. You can split the desktop from the Task View option which you will get on the Taskbar. You need to click on the plus sign for splitting up the desktop screen. You can create multiple desktop screens and go to each of them is easy. You need to click on any of the thumbnails you can see by clicking on the Task View button and going to the desired thumbnail.
  4. Microsoft Windows 10 has come up with Universal apps like Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, and more to make easy access to all the different content of the computer super quickly.
  5. You will not be able to see Internet Explorer in the latest update of Windows 10. It was replaced with Microsoft Edge. It comes with a new rendering engine called EdgeHTML. It also coordinates with Cortana to search and serve the users with info to the users from the Internet.

macOS – a Brief Study

Also, macOS has been able to set itself among the best Operating Systems. Apple users get a completely unique set of features from this operating system.

  1. It records all the iOS and macOS screen activity in QuickTime. Not only on desktop but you can also record the screen activities of an iPad or iPhone if you connect it to the desktop with a USB cable.
  2. You can stream music on your desktop staying on the home screen on iTunes.
  3. macOS has one of the best features known as Automator. Automator can handle all the repetitive tasks on the device.
  4. Creating virtual desktops by splitting the desktop into two or more parts when screen space is less is also common here. In fact, this feature is present in macOS long before it came with Windows 10.
  5. It completes the words automatically and it is one of those features macOS is one of the most favorites.

Windows 10 and macOS has been close to people’s heart for a long time for the golden features they keep on providing the world.

But, there is another operating system that people claim to be better than these two operating systems in a number of different ways.

Linux is a computer software distribution package which comes with many forms or distros. There are plenty of distros that come under Linux because Linux is extremely configurable.

It can be configured to different forms that tend to be developed for different userbase needs or interests.

People are Moving to Linux

Many Windows user have moved to Linux operating system for getting a wider range of features and advantages from the later. But on the other hand, few of them have been sticking to the specific realm of the former operating system as they consider that to be a better platform for programming or any other kind of task. Also, Linux is a bit more challenging to use than Windows 10 or macOS.

But, the ones who are knowledgeable enough to handle this amazing operating system have claimed it to be a lot better in many aspects.

Based on a statistical study, here are a few of the Linux distros that fans voted to be the best this year.

  1. Arch Linux
  2. Ubuntu
  3. CentOS
  4. Linux Mint
  5. Elementary OS

Studies brought out a fact that most of the Linux users have been distro hopping fanatics as they cannot put an end to exploring all the features and operations of the eyebrow-raising options.

Deepin – Diving Deep

Deepin is an operating system that comes under Linux. Just like the other popular operating systems such as Linux Mint or Ubuntu that are operated by Linux, Deepin is based on Debian.

Deepin is basically an operating system that is perfect for the environment of desktop computers. It is plausible to install it as your default operating system on your computer. Deepin Linux distro has something that is not possessed by Windows 10 or even macOS.

In short, you can easily call it spicy and full of common sense even though this pair is quite not common around us.

Installing Deepin

The installation of this operating system is way easier and interesting when it is compared to windows 10 and macOS. It is because in the process of installation Deepin Linux distro operating system welcomes the user with an animation which actually shows all the features and functionalities of the system in short. This is not what any other operating system does while being installed on a device.

On the other hand, the processes of the installation of Windows 10 and macOS respectively are full of steps and instructions which comprise of boring texts. In short, these procedures are quite flat.

The Control Center

The control center of Deepin is placed faultlessly on the desktop. In front of this look, the desktop of Windows 10 and macOS are quite dull and old fashioned.

The tradition of opening Settings of the computer in an entirely new window is broken here in Deepin. You will get the Settings of the device in the Deepin operating system within the Control System itself. You will get to this option from an icon from the taskbar.

After hitting the mouse pointer on that icon you will see a pellucid bar the slides in from the right-hand side of the desktop screen.

From this panel, you will be able to have access to default applications, network settings, account management, system updates, power management, themes, fonts, and all the other presumed options.

Get Notified Easily

Are you looking for the notifications center? Well, that too is something you will get to find on the Control Center.

To get to know the notifications you need to click on the toggle on the upper portion of the appeared sidebar. Thus, the system will take you to al of your system and social notifications.

Swap Modes

Deepin also comes with a feature where you can switch from Fashion Mode to Efficient Mode just with a click. These modes are actually when you can enjoy the operating system with a complete set of features presented in a stylish manner and when you use it by saving more energy but getting complete results efficiently.

Stronger Security

The security of your desktop is a very important factor, rather the most important factor. Deepin does not allow to install any external security software as Linux itself has a strong security base.

It is way more sturdy and quick in detecting any sort of malware or other problems and eliminating them.

Ending Lines

With this, I am closing this article. Deepin has opened a new gateway for desktop users with its amazing features, strong security system, and other better functionalities.

It will not be a surprise if people are seen jumping from Windows 10 tor macOS to Linux real quick.

Hopefully, this piece comprises of what you needed to know. Comment down in the box given below and let us know which one will you go for. A share will be much appreciated.