I just got back from my sneak preview of the new Linux-powered Agenda VR3 PDA which is being introduced tomorrow at LinuxWorld in San Jose, CA (see announcement). The VR3 offers convincing evidence of just how quickly Linux has transformed the embedded systems world, and how far that transformation has progressed.

Wow! It’s a real computer, in a really tiny package. I mean, this isn’t some stripped down subset — it’s got the memory and CPU resources to run real programs, save data reliably (even if the batteries run down) — and its powered by a genuine multi-tasking Linux kernel. Hey, you could even run a (small) website on it!

Want to transfer data into the VR3? Naturally, it’s got the expected IrDA port so you can zap stuff back and forth with a friend or associate’s Palm Pilot, or to/from your desktop or laptop PC. But unlike other PDAs, you can also hook up to the VR3’s RS232 serial port and telnet or ftp right into the little feller!