LAS VEGAS – November 13, 2000 – In an agreement reached over the weekend, Transvirtual Technologies’ PocketLinux architecture will deliver select User Friendly Media content to wireless devices, PDAs, cellular phones, and hardware other than the tradition PC with a web browser. Users of these devices will soon be able to view “The Daily Static” comic strip, the most popular entertainment diversion of IT professionals.

“Just think about it,” said Gary Freeman, COO of Transvirtual Technologies. “Fans of User Friendly will be able to read the same Daily Static as they see on their desktop, but from a host of other devices as well. That’s the beauty of PocketLinux.”

“From our perspective, this partnership means many great things,” sad Dave Orton, Vice President of Marketing for User Friendly Media, Inc. “But most importantly, it gives us the ability to quickly reach out to more of our loyal viewers, more often than ever before.”

PocketLinux is the first open source framework to leverage a common software architecture through the innovative fusion of the following components: Linux, Kaffe (a Java implementation), XML, and the Web. The result is an end-to-end solution for building unified, standardized, open communications infrastructure across the entire spectrum of appliances and devices — enabling the delivery of consistent services to all users.

“I’m looking forward to hanging out in some of these new and interesting wireless devices,” said the Dust Puppy.

About Transvirtual Technologies The company was founded in 1997 to exploit superior Java technology and offer complete Java solutions to the embedded computing and consumer marketplaces. Its flagship product Kaffe is the foundations for its newest innovation — PocetLinux — which combines the power of Kaffe with Linux and XML into an architecture engineered specifically for Internet appliances. For more information, contact Transvirtual at 510-524-4025 or

About User Friendly Media Inc. Averaging 13 million page views, 1.7 million visits and 600,000 unique IP addresses per month, has become a leading entertainment and cultural destination for IT professionals worldwide. User Friendly Media Inc. is a privately held Canadian Internet Media company founded in 1997.