Jabber.com today announced that Transvirtual Technologies has integrated Jabber’s instant messaging technology into Transvirtual’s PocketLinux mobile device operating environment. PocketLinux is an open source application development environment for mobile computing devices. PocketLinux currently runs on a variety of PDAs, cellular phones, and set-top boxes.

“Jabber is much more than just a simple instant messaging system” said said Andre Durand, founder of Jabber.com. “Jabber can provide devices of all kinds with a robust XML messaging infrastructure. The integration of Jabber into Transvirtual’s PocketLinux platform is further testimony to the growing momentum behind the Jabber open source movement.”

“Jabber provides PocketLinux with a robust and scalable XML transport solution,” said Paul Fisher, founder of the GNU Classpath Project and senior developer at Transvirtual. “We are very excited to be leveraging this technology and feel that it has tremendous promise.”