You might be thinking that why you should be switching from Windows to Linux? The thing you should keep in mind that, Linux is not the command-line driven, obtuse, and bewildering OS it ones used to be.

Linux is the most-use and the bet open-source operating system out there. It is the software which is used by all the other softwares. These software uses Linux to help them to send their message to the computer’s hardware. It was first introduced in 1991.

On the other hand, Windows is an operating system, which includes a set of programs. It was the first operating system for the computers and was introduced in 1985. Before Windows’ introduction, computers were controlled by a string of command s in the form of texts. In addition, it helped us in interacting with a computer by using a keyboard and a mouse.    

The Reasons You Should be Switching from Windows to Linux

So, you know that Linux has improved a lot over the years. Hence let’s see what are the reasons for which you should switch from Windows to Linux:

1. Linux Don’t Get in your Way

There is a tendency of wanting your attention with Windows. For example- Cortana tells “Please use me”, Redmonds asks “Hey, would you recommend me to a friend or colleague?”, the Edge insists “Hi, I noticed you’re using Chrome. Edge is totally better” and many more.

So, if you are looking for an operating system which will not get in your way, then you should definitely go for Linux. 

One of the famous Linux OS in Ubuntu. Ubuntu does not bother you at all. The company behind Ubuntu is called Canonical. As a matter of fact, they have a merchandise shop, but they never beggs any of its users to buy things from there. 

They offer paid technical support on many levels. However, these reminders are not found in one’s day-to-day usage. 

The company has many ways of income, however, they are not making my computer fill up with all these junks. This is a major improvement over Windows.

2. It Doesn’t Make you a Slave of The Terminal

As i have said earlier, Linux has improved considerably over the past 5-10 years. In earlier days, the installation process would be easy, but the procedure of configuration was very difficult. 

You would have to spend a great amount of time in the Terminal, creating text commands for the troubleshooting of the hardware issues. In addition, you needed to make more texts commands for installing graphics drivers. This process needed a good amount of exploring in the forums, and also a good time googling.

However, today with the Ubuntu version 18.04, you will not need to go near any Terminal. In addition, it can detect all of your computer’s hardware. 

3. Installing Software on Linux is Easier

The installation process on the Linux is way more easier than that on the windows. In Ubuntu, there is Software Center, which contains a wide variety of software. For installing them all you need to do is to click on the install option. 

However, previously you would have to search the sites for a particular software, then download its .exe package and launch it. You would have to face a number of agreements, licence and dialogue windows. 

There is a new feature in Linux called ‘Snaps”. These are universal packages, which can be installed very easily across other platform of Linux like Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Debian and many others. 

The Snap Store contains a wide variety of apps. These are not only “open source clones” but can also be related with Linux. The apps in The Snap Store are like VLC, Slack, Spotify, Telegram, Blender, OBS Studio and other apps.

Installing these apps are very easy and so is to update them. 

4. Updating is Not a Headache Anymore

Windows take a lot of time in updating. It also sometimes does reboot in the most inappropriate moment, and then you have to wait longer when it is configuring its updates.

However, Ubuntu sends you notification for the updates rather than doing it suddenly without letting you know. You have to restart your computer, but you can do it at your own time when you are not working on your computer. In addition, you can customize how your updates gets installed just like in windows.

Moreover, Ubuntu makes all the other software update in one go. You don’t have to update them individually by going into the applications. This makes the updating procedure more easy and simple. 

5. Linux Community

Linux Community is one of the best things about Linux. This will never let you feel alone in this world of Linux. In this community you will be able to find solutions for any of your problems regarding your Linux system. 

Summing Up

These are the reasons you should be switching from Windows to Linux.

Linux is the one among the two which is less intrusive. Though it is not perfect in every way but it provide more convenience than Windows. Moreover, if you are a moderate user, then Linux is perfect for you.

Hence, you should definitely go for Linux.

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