Spilt Liquid on Your Laptop? Here’s the Fix

laptop water spill

Accidents can happen anywhere. There is no fixed place or time. And, over here, we will talk about some of those. No doubt that devices, including gadgets, appliances etc., have made life much easier. And among them, one of the most important gadgets is a laptop.

A laptop is one of the prime devices that we are completely dependent on. It helps us to store a lot of data, watch online classes, movies and even does office work. Liquid spilling on laptops is one of the common problems. It might be possible that coffee, juice or water spilt on your laptop. And, normally, people get very panicked and try to clean it as fast as possible.

Though it is partially correct. Yes, it is true that you need to clean it as soon as possible. But, often, it has been seen that it leads to a worse situation if the users do not follow the correct process. Many have reported that due to accidents, many users have lost their important documents. So, follow the tips given below. These steps will definitely help you out.

Tips to Save your Laptop after a Liquid Spill

Here are some of the ways that will help you to save your laptop. Follow the steps accordingly. These tips are very easy. But, if you face any problem, then you can rely on Laptop Repair Services Dubai.

1. Turn off the Laptop and Unplug the Power Source

The first thing you need to do is turn off the laptop and unplug the power source. If you shut down the laptop, the damage will be much less. You just need to press the Power button for five mins. You will see that the laptop is shutting down. Now, remove the power cord and unplug all the cords connected to the laptop. Finally, remove the battery as well. You need to do this as fast as possible but calmly. Because, the more it is kept like that, the more damage it will cause.

2. Remove the Excess Liquid

After performing the first tip now, you need to remove the excess liquid from your laptop. You can use a paper towel or soft cloth to blot up the excess liquid. You are advised not to use the wiping method. It might damage the laptop more as water might go inside if you follow this method. According to Laptop Repair Services Dubai, it also increases the risk of electrical shock, so avoid the wiping method.

3. Shake the Laptop Gently

This will help the water to escape from all the sides. You just need to tilt the laptop from side to side and from front to back. Do this process gently, so that the water can smoothly pass out. Unfortunately, this step is not applicable in most laptops, like in Macbook. You are also advised not to shake the laptop, or else it might turn the situation worse.

4. Dry the Laptop

It is very important to remove the excess water. The above two tips were also about this. So, to do this you can use a can of compressed air and that will make sure that your laptop has no excess water. You can also use a hairdryer to dry your laptop. Remember that you need to hold the hairdryer 20 cm above the laptop. This will definitely help you to dry the laptop.

5. Facedown your Laptop

By facing the laptop upside down, you can ensure that no excess water is left. First, you need to place a towel or a soft cloth on the flat surface. Then, you need to invert the laptop in a V shape. Make sure the area is warm enough to dry out completely. You are also advised not to leave it directly under sunlight. After performing all the necessary steps make sure the keyboard is completely dry. You can also wait for 24 hours or longer before reinstalling the battery.

6. Remove the Hardware

You also have to remove the RAM, the hard drive and all the removable internal components. If you find it difficult, then you can hire a professional to do so. Search the laptop’s model number and choose the one that is compatible. If you are a Macbook user, you have to unscrew the ten screws holding the base together. But, it is always advised to hire professionals associated with Laptop Repair Dubai to avoid any adverse effects.

7. Check the Internal Component

It might be possible that water has got in. Use a microfiber cloth and pat dry the wet internal component. While removing the water, be very gentle. Laptop Repair Dubai experts advise not to use the wipe method, which might worsen the situation.


So, these are some of the tips that you can use when such accidents happen. We can guarantee that the laptop will work like before. It might be possible that you have to take the laptop to the service centre. But, your most files will be safe. Follow the above tips as soon as possible, and after that take your laptop to Laptop Repair Dubai professional.