A look at MX Linux 18.3

MX Linux is one of the most famous and renowned members of the Linux Distro family. Based on a Debian platform, currently, MX Linux is in its 18.3 version. 

MX Linux 18.3 became very popular due to its variety of custom tools. The developers of the MX Linux has worked very hard to meet every single possible need of the user.

So today in this blog we are going to take a closer look at the MX Linux 18.3 and see what makes the platform so much user-friendly and light to use. 

Let us go step by step through each point so that you can understand the subject smoothly. So let’s start with the first question, what is MX Linux or MX Linux 18.3.

A look on MX Linux

As said before MX Linux is a part of Linux OS platform based on Debian or you can say it as a prestigious member of the Linux Distro family.   

AntiX and the MEPIS community created a joined ventured project and introduced the MX Linux platform. The main aim of this project was to create an operating system that will be a combination of an elegant desktop with a simple configuration.

With the Xfce desktop environment, MX Linux has the most ease of use and the handy collection of system tools that are specifically designed for the MX operating system.

Installation of MX Linux

Installing MX Linux in a system is quite easy and handy. You won’t be needing a guide to install the OS as it is quite simple and step oriented.

While installing MS Linux you may observe several customization options. These options will help you to personalize the installation of the OS according to your needs. 

Thus making the MX Linux so much easy to use and handy for the user. 

MX Linux- use

MX Linux is based on the Debian platform, therefore you can expect rock-solid stability from the operating system. As it is run by the Xfce so the operating system is renowned for its low resource requirements and great visual customization.

Right from the initial stages, the operating system offers a great range of pre-installed software including Clementine Media Player, VLC media player, and Firefox tool. 

Apart from a wide range of software MX Linux also offers MX Tools which allows the user to fully customize the system according to their need. If you are a kind of user who likes to personally customize every part of their operating system then MX Linux can be a great option for you. 

Come take a look at the tools offered by MX Linux.

  • MX Boot Repair.
  • MX User Manager
  • MX Conky
  • MX Cleanup ( a software like CCleaner).
  • MX Network Assistant.
  • MX Live USB Maker
  • MX Tweak
  • MX Repo Manager
  • MX Package Installer
  • Nvidia Driver Installer
  • Midnight Commander

Now you may be wondering what are the functions of these tools and they are going to help you. So, as per to clear your confusion let’s discuss some of the tools more elaborately in the next section.

MX Linux 18.3- Specifications to look at

Throughout the blog, we have discussed the ins and outs of MX Linux. Now let’s take a look at some key specifications offered by MX Linux in its latest version, MX Linux 18.3.

Platform: Debian Stable 9.6 ( though the next version that is MX Linux 19 will be based on Debian 10) 

  • Desktop Environment: Xfce
  • Kernel: 4.19
  • ISO Size: 1.5GB
  • Installation Speed: Fast.
  • Experience Level: Novice or Beginner.

MX Linux Tools- Overview

MX Linux comes with fully packed pre-installed tools. These tools make the platform so much easier to use for the user. Some of the MX Linux apps include

MX Tweak 

Linux developers created this tool for desktop customization purposes. The tool makes it easier for the user to modify their desktop quickly and smoothly.

Tweak allows the user to make panel positioning adjustments, change desktop themes and backgrounds and adjust the compositor and many more.

MX Tools

The MX Linux has a separate menu for this application. You can say it as a magical option for the users. 

This tool menu consists of almost each and every app anyone can ask for. These apps will help you to get every job done pretty smoothly. 

MX Conky

You can say that this tool is the one-stop app for you in the MX Linux platform. 

With the help of this, you can quickly load and easily position a Conky and can also change the colors, look and formats without even touching a conky.rc file.

MX Package Installer

According to my opinion, this is by far the best tool offered by MX Linux. This tool allows the user to easily manage the installed apps and also to search for new apps.

MX Package Installer is quite fast as it gives quick results of anything you search for. This tool allows you to explore the application catalog. You can also switch between Debian Stable, MX Testing and Debian Backports with the help of this tool.

Developers of Linux has also added FlatPaks into this tool. So now if you click on the FaltPaks tab then you will see an imported list of available applications.

Final Thoughts.

Linux developers have created the MX Linux platform by mainly focusing on the mass crowd. With the user-friendly interface and easy to handle control, MX Linux 18.3 has turned the heads of both Linux and non-Linux users.

In the above blog, we have discussed some important points about MX Linux that every user should know. I hope that this information will help you if you are thinking to switch to MX Linux from your current operating system.

And I would say it will be a great choice as MX Linux has a lot to offer to its user.