The Best Linux Operating Distros

Linux is an operating system that got its fame among the coders and programmers. But over the years Linux developers are trying to make it popular among the general users. 

There are several kinds of Linux Operating Distros available in the market with different flavors or distros. And by distros I meant distribution. Those you are a regular user of the Linux operating system can relate to the term Linux Operating distros. 

This blog will discuss such best distros offered by a Linux operating system. But I know that Linux may be a completely new subject for some of my readers so let us some discuss some points on Linux operating system. 

Linux Distribution

Linux Distro or Linux Distribution is an operating system made up of software like Linux Kernel and a package management system.

The platform offers a wide range of operating systems which can be used for different purposes like for you home PC there is Linux Mint, for an embedded device there is OpenWrt and Rocks Cluster is there to run the supercomputers.

Most of the Linux Distros are customizable and are comprise of Linux Kernel, GNU tools, additional software, a window system, and a window manager.

Globally there are almost six hundred Linux Distros that exist and among them, around five hundred are under development. These distros possess a wide range of applications and are suitable for desktops, servers, laptops, and many more. 

Now that you have enough knowledge of what a Linux Distro is, so we can now move on to the main section of our topic. 

Best Linux Operating Distros

Linux is like an umbrella under which there is a group of an operating system that is widely used by the coders and the developers around the world. 

Despite being complex and difficult to use OS Linux still holds the third position among the most popular OS in the world. Linux Distros has a lot to offer for its huge range of active users. 

So without wasting any more time let’s take a look at the different OS offered by Linux Distros.

Linux Mint:

If you are looking for the best Linux Distro for personal computers and laptops then Linux Mint will be the best option for you. It is highly popular among the daily users of Linux OS because of its classic desktop configuration. 

Linux Mint is based on platforms like Ubuntu and Debian and is widely renowned for its ease of use and the applications it provides to the users for general home computing purposes. 

Linux Mint requires a minimum level of expertise and is very easy to install. So if you are an active user of OSs like Windows or Mac then I can say that you will definitely like this OS as well.


This is another classic from the house of Linux Distro and it is one of the oldest. Debian is the base platform or the mother operating system for many of the Linux Distros like Ubuntu and Linux Mint. 

It comes with the GNOME desktop environment. Debian and Debian downstream distros are considered as the best Linux Distro among the developers. 

Apart from that, it offers a large number of stable packages and tons of tutorials to solve the user’s issue and get better at everything you are doing on that platform

Debian is also considered as a community distribution and can be used as a server, normal desktop operating system, and many more. And it is truly multipurpose in nature. 


Ubuntu is the most user-friendly OS from Linux Distro. Most of the time its comparison comes to regular operating systems like Windows or Mac because of its UI. Ubuntu is the modern desktop operating system designed by targeting the mass. 

Many fresher developers consider this operating system as the first step of the Linux ladder. Ubuntu offers a full hardware integration and a complete set of applications. 

Ubuntu is developed on the base of the Debian platform and requires a low level of expertise. It is also notable for its rock-solid stability and security.     

Zorin OS: 

Linux DIstros created the Zorin OS based on the Ubuntu platform. Zorin is famous because of its user interface like other popular operating systems like Windows 7 and macOS. 

Zorine comes with a complete desktop feature and application like an office suite, graphics application, audio, and video player. Moreover, it also offers many visual effects. 

Over the years the Zorin operating system has gained popularity among the freshers who are recently shifting to Linux Distro. Besides that, one of the other reasons for its fame is that it comes with a theme changer. It also allows the user to change the colors and styles of the icons and the desktop.

Arch Linux:

If you are making a list of the best Linux Distros then your list will not be complete unless you mention this operating system from the Linux family. 

Despite having a complex interface and requirement of a large amount of technical knowledge, Arch Linux is the most famous of all the Linux Distros. 

Arch Linux provides an up to date software and drives to the users and in return requires more maintenance than all the other Linux Distros.

Therefore, it requires a medium level of expertise and also works as a multi-purpose desktop operating system.

Final Thoughts:

In the end, you can say that over the years Linux has given some best in class operating systems for all kinds of users. Linux Distros has spread its branches through the hands of every developer and coder.

In this above blog, I have mentioned 5 of the best Linux Distros available in the market. Each and every distro in the above list is different from one another and serves individual purposes.

I hope that among this list you have found the best operating system for your purpose .